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How's that Tapestry Coming Along? Can I take a peek?

"Coming along very nicely thank you!"
.... and "Yes, you can take a peek."

The easy peeking can be done any Thursday at Suite # 6 at Cockenzie Auld School/ Business Centre. That's Andrew Crummy's Art Studio. During 3Harbours the Stitchers will be expecting you there in particular ... please just drop in on Thursday June 3rd anytime between 10.30am and 1 pm.

Dorie Wilkie is Head Stitcher and she and many another will be there [a] to show you what's been completed already and [b] to let you see Stitchers 'at work'.

Samples of the work will also be on display at Venues #1 and #50, Prestongrange Heritage Museum and Cockenzie Power Station respectively.

'Public' Views of the Complete 103 metre Tapestry in Prestonpans will be over the weekend September 24th/ 26th

.... but before that they'll have seen the Tapestry right across the Highlands along the route the Prince took starting on July 23rd on Eriskay. The key display venues will be Eriskay itself, Arisaig, Glenfinnan, Blair Castle, Perth, Dunblane and Dunbar.

The Stitchers themselves are having their Party-to-end-All-Parties - Holyrood Palace style - on July 26th - at a secret destination!

N.B. Page reference below is to the brilliant 2010 3Harbours Programme, now available

Published Date: April 13th 2010

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