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News of Colonel Gardiner - 1851 reporting ....

Colonel Gardiner's Memorial, built by public subscription ...

Most Panners and Belters well know where the Colonel's obelisk stands today, close by the railway tracks in full view of his old home at Bankton House. But in 1851 the North British Railway had not been built and the 'public' then was invited to offer a subscription for the obelisk's creation. The list of those who stepped forward, and of the seven individuals who headed the subscription with two guineas each, has now been traced from the pages of The Scotsman, dated 26th March 1851. [Thanks once to Garry Menzies of East Linton who has been assisting with research and photography ever since the Trust's establishment in 2006.]

click to enlarge the List

An etching of the obelisk they created is in the Trust's possession - donated last year by author Sharon Dabell

Published Date: April 11th 2010

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