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Progress Aplenty at MidWay Workshop - March 24th

MidWay Workshop on March 24th saw Share & Compare, Tips and Advices on a Grand Scale

The furthest off Stitchers from Fort William arrived first of course, by 9.45 am, and by 10.30 the Workshop was in full swing, with the Prince due at 11 am. Everyone was soon tentatively showing oneanother their progress-to-date sitting at one of the dozen tables set up in the Goth's Thomas Nelson Suite. Andrew Crummy made a gallant effort to get Stitchers sitting in a chronological sequence [more or less] and Dorie Wilkie ensured that Thursday Workshop veterans were well spread about.

We show below some Apple Tree bordering and the Camerons pulling out of Tranent Churchyard after taking redcoat artillery fire on September 20th .....

click to enlarge all the images below

.... next the Sea off Cornwall as Du Teillay proceeded alone after L'Elizabeth had been fought to a standstill by HMS Lion then Lochiel arriving [late] at Glenfinnan to the Prince's great relief ....

.... and soon the Prince is holding Council at Duddingston before Calling for Battle to Cease and ensuring everyone is Tending the Wounded thereafter ....

By continuing popular demand we'll keep the images flowing here at the website in the run in to May 31st .... any and all Stitchers, keep sending the jpegs ....

Published Date: March 31st 2010

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