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Centenary of Battle of Prestonpans in 1845

It's been dubbed saliency ... and it's certainly working for the Trust!

Your webmaster never ceases to be amazed as what Google Alert sends along under the search keyword: Battle of Prestonpans. As their search engine trawls the trillions of data sets on the internet fascinating artefacts and anecdotes are regularly unearthed. The latest is page 201 of the Illustrated London News dated September 27th 1845, recalling the Centenary of the Battle of Prestonpans - posted on eBay as a collector sought to sell a dragoon's sword from the battle.

The cottage where the Prince stayed in Duddingston on the eve of the battle is illustrated, as are his Prince of Wales plumage worn as Holyrood, his cup and sword, an idyllic rural setting for Bankton House, and both the Prince's and Cope's signatures.

The page as printed on September 27th 1845 is linked HERE in full.

For ease of viewing we have also disagregated the page into three sections shown below. Click on each segment to enlarge.

Published Date: March 28th 2010

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