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MidWay Tapestry Workshop Imminent: - March 24th 10.30 / 2.30

Final Preparations in Hand .... but never too late to say you'll be there ...

We've had more than 60 acceptances so far, but remember it's never too late to say you'll be here ... it just helps with the catering. Talking of which, lunch celebrates the Prince's last days in Rome in January 1744 [Panel #1] where we understand he dined with his father on antepasti and lasagne, even had a vegetarian option in those days they say! So we're re-enacting that moment, and a cash bar. But it all starts with coffee/ tea and biscuits from 10.30 am at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

YES, the Prince will be there to welcome us all and see how well it's all progressing. In fact the Prince [aka Arran Johnston] is responsible for the Parade through the Highlands and Lowlands July/ October so he'll be talking about that. When can the Tapestry come to a venue near you?

Dorie's Stitchers' Share and Compare Sessions

With 60 + Stitchers present we'll be breaking up into small sets led by some of 'Cockenzie's Thursday Regulars' to talk through our differing degrees of progress; and the Home-Run to end May for completion. That's when work starts on the panels to stitch them together into 20 x 5 metre segments [ + 2 metres extra = 102 panels!], then pressed and backed ready to hang on the exhibition boards travelling nationwide.

Anyone doubting their deadlines or unduly anxious is invited to shout now rather than later! Help is to hand for those who need it. No shame in it!

Paperwork too but no red tape!

Gordon Prestoungrange and Gillian Hart will be chasing for final details of Stitchers/ team member names to appear in the 270 page full colour book of the Tapestry published on July 23rd - there's a tight deadline and your help is definitely needed!

We need that black and white action photo, the tag in black and white and the autobiography of each Stitcher. All for perusal across the next 1000 years.

And there's a new Progress Leaflet about the Tapestry

We've got out a wee leaflet that explains a bit more about everything we're about so far, and the plans for later this year when it's finished. Copies will be readily available in the Goodie Bag on March 24th [- very good bag it is too] but it can also be downloaded here.



Published Date: March 18th 2010

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