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Waiting Times @ Borrodale and Glenfinnan ..... 1745

The Prince waited three and a half weeks, first at Borrodale House and later at Kinlochmoidart House, to be certain he would have sufficient support and could raise his Standard at Glenfinnan on August 19th ... but even when he arrived at Glenfinnan his waiting was still not over! He arrived well before noon but Cameron and his Highlanders did not get there before 3 pm ... But come they did and the campaign was on!

click to enlarge the tapestry panels

The first embroidered panel to be finished sets out the opposing battle lines, stitched by Elizabeth Jones - # 71 out of 103. There's been some artistic licence taken but the panel honourably reflects all the main elements history records.

First glimpse is here below ....

...meanwhile, another tartan design emerges and a cluster of redcoats to boot!

Published Date: March 1st 2010

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