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The Prince's whigs, the thatch and trees ... and the colours

It's going to be a question asked and re-asked for the next 1000 years we're sure .. "what shape nose did the Prince have?

Well, it is only to be expected that, during the eight weeks or so it took the Prince to get from Eriskay to Victory at Prestonpans, he'd wear more than one whig. But do Jacobite afficionados know that he changed his nose as he marched?

There's a wee verse about the Prince that maybe helps ...

Few know my Face, tho' all Men do my Fame:
Look strictly, & you'll quickly guess my Name:
Through Deserts, Snows & Rain I made my Way,
My Life was daily Risqu'd to gain the day

click to enlarge the images

"As the heads for Prince can vary in size" observes Dorie Wilkie, "so the ways of depicting his wig will vary. Here are two lovely examples, one using bullion knots on a smaller image, another giving emphasis to the curls using lazy daisy on the 'head' area and straight stitch on the curls and darker wool."

Stitchers are at varying stages of their work on the 103 x 1 metre x 500mm panels [that's official now, Andrew says the portcullis has descended!] mainly because of the staggered starts we've all had as his artworks passed across the lightbox and the traced linens then made their way across Scotland. So, by popular clamourous demand, we're continuing our e-policy of 'displaying fragments' as as we all stitch along pour encourager les autres et nous-memes. And of course there's face to face, needle to needle sharing each Thursday at Andrew's studio, and the big MidWay Workshop & Luncheon coming on March 24th - 10.30/ 2.30 pm.

What beautiful colours ...

Seeing the use of Appleton Brothers' coloured wools starts to give some insight into how 103 panels all in a row might look ....

P.S. For those of you vexed by the differing thickness of the black wools we've delivered to you, rest assured we are in discussions upstream with the 'Brothers' to see what's what and how to rectify the difficulties arising.... more news from Dorie Wilkie when we have it of course ....

P.P.S. Your reporter here now has a heightened understanding of the challenges we're all facing since my household's own panel has arrived ... it's raining heavily outside Invergarry Castle as the Highlanders assemble on August 26th 1745 - but at least it's not a foot or more of snow.

Published Date: February 26th 2010

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