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Inside Andrew Crummy's Studio: Creating the Artworks for the Prestonpans Tapestry

For those who have not made their way to Cockenzie Studio ....

Most but not all our Stitchers have been to Andrew Crummy's Studio. Here's a peek inside as the Prestonpans Tapestry reaches its second landmark stage - all art works and wools have now been despatched to their Stitchers. [The first landmark of course was when 100 'volunteers & friends' volunteered to join the Pans' Gang and 'stitch for the Prince's cause'.

Let's start with the artist himself ... at work:

click on all pictures below to enlarge

Next here are two iconic images out of the 100 now with our Stitchers - the Royal Bank of Scotland [Yes, the very same RBS we have today] cashes the Prince's cheques and bank notes for specie i.e. gold and silver pieces to spend on the march into England]; and Colonel Gardiner makes his last stand beneath the thorntree.

....and last but not least, the Highland charge which won the day as the sun rose on September 21st 1745 ....

Published Date: February 8th 2010

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