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Embroidering a kilt ... one of seven .... for Men of Moidart

Progress Report ... how might the kilt look on a 'Man o' Moidart?'

Naturally, we're all just longing to see some finished work and it appears likely that the first completed panels will be appearing in the next week or so ... and just as soon as we have them rest assured we'll be showing them here on the internet. Some insights are starting to emerge of course at Dorie Wilkie's weekly Thursday 10.30am / 1 pm 'Stitchers' Workshops' at Andrew Crummy's Studio in Cockenzie Auld School. Everyone welcome who can make it there ....

Here's one most pleasing taster, a peek at a kilt embroidered by Elma Colvin which appears on her 'Seven Men of Moidart' panel. It's entrancing is it not ......

click to enlarge

Published Date: January 11th 2010

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