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Gratefully Recruiting Embroiders in Arisaig at Astley Hall

Quest for authenticity and 'sign off' continues ....

Taking the Tapestry Panels for 'sign off' in the Highlands was always going to be exhilarating. There was no room for doubt that local communities would know considerably more than Andrew Crummy, lead illustrator, and his research colleagues had been able to unearth. And so it proved! But we were inestimably asssited by having Stephen Lord along too as a volunteer, not only as one who has walked that way before, and penned Walking with Charlie, but also to take the wheel of the BattleBus on its second major journey north from the Pans. And the Wiles bus came too.

Astley Hall Meeting kindly arranged by Arisaig History Society

More than twenty interested historians and embroiderers, especially from the Rurals WI, came along on August 15th to learn what we're about, and we're pleased to report more than enough agreed to share in the local embroidery work. They pointed out the attributed landing place of the Prince, details of his letter writing and then his journey by boat across the Sound and on foot to Kinlochmoidart on August 11th 1745 - before he travelled onwards to Glenfinnan. Kind arrangments were made by Ann Martin, Editor of Westword for the Society - whose report in the October 2009 issue is shown below.

click to enlarge photograps below & press cutting below

Published Date: September 27th 2009

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