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Lonely? Best Stay in The Pans?

Those academics are at it again ..measuring the unmeasurable perhaps?

Sheffield Univeristy researchers [using intriguing metrics] concluded in a recent study that 33 per cent of Edinburgh residents were likely to feel lonely and that they did not 'belong' to their area. That makes them the loneliest in the entire kingdom!

In contrast, only 21 per cent of those living in Prestonpans, Balerno or Linlithgow were likely to feel lonely. The figure for Scotland as a whole was said to be 28.5 per cent.

P.S. So ...if ever you see politicians or civil servants or members of the Royal Family hanging around Holyrood be sure to befriend them. The loneliness quotient rose to 87 per cent there, officially the 'loneliest' part of the capital city.

P.P.S. And the intriguing metrics used? [i] the number of people living alone; [ii] those in rented accommodation; & [iii] those who had moved within the last year. That explains it all then ...

from Edinburgh Evening News December 2nd 2008

Published Date: December 4th 2008

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