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Battle of Dunbar 1650: James Lumsden's poetic reminiscence

James Lumsden's third East Lothian History Poem remembers Dunbar's second major battle in 1650

.... when Cromwell was victorious with his Model Army against a vastly superior Scots force. The full text is given below.

The Battle of Prestonpans (1745) Heritage Trust works closely with those who commemorate other significant battles across East Lothian which was always an easy access corridor for invaders from the south even before the days of the A1 and the North British Railway!

These events include Athelstaneford in 832 or perhaps 934 when the saltire appeared in the sky, Dunbar in 1296 as Edward I of England imposed his 'rigmarole' on Scotland, Pinkie in 1547 during The Rough Wooing of Mary Queen of Scots by Somerset on behalf of Edward VI of England, Dunbar again in 1650 during Cromwell's reformation-inspired anti-Charles II invasion, and the the Tranent Mutiny of 1797 as Westminster sought to impose conscription in Scotland during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Published Date: August 16th 2008

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