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Partying or Undue Celebrations Forbidden by The Prince

No Party Pooper The Prince, but a consistent philosophy towards those who had been defeated at Prestonpans

HRH The Prince Charles Edward, as his father's Regent, was well known for his determination to view those who fought against the Highland army he had raised as meriting much care and attention. At times he was even accused of showing more favour to the defeated than to his own Highlanders particularly those who were wounded.

Nowhere is this philosophy more clearly seen than in the Prince's Declaration given below made on September 23rd 1745, just two days after his Victory. In it he 'Forbids any outward Demonstrations of Public Joy" at that Victory.

And he further reasserted his commitment to freedom of public worship by all.

All this was in sharp contrast to what General Sir John Cope reputedly offered to his redcoat army if they had been successful in battle - with the right to plunder Edinburgh and Leith with impunity!

click on Declaration to enlarge and print out

Published Date: May 12th 2008

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