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One O'clock Gunners Present Arms [and Archives] to the Trust: I - The Highlanders

John Thomson's Battle of Prestonpans Archive Passed to the Trustees

From the first days of the establishment of the Battle Trust in 2006, the One O'clock Gunners at Edinburgh Castle have volunteered all support they could muster. And they have done more than that now. Since their senior colleague John Thomson is off to British Columbia, emigrating with his new Canadian bride, the Gunners have resolved to pass on John's 1745 archive, which has been his committed interest ever since the 1995 re-enactments in which he shared. They have already put us on the track of Sir John Cope's portrait at Blickling Hall in Norfolk. Now the Trustees are glad to present his collection of uniforms for those fighting on both sides.

We present below the Highland attire that those in the Princes' army would have worn. A second NewsNet presents the uniforms of Sir John Cope's Redcoats.

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Published Date: May 11th 2008

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