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Oneliners DownUnder!

Tom Ewing's painting for Scotland in Sheffield Tasmania with 10 other artists in the Global Murals Conference Murals Fest 'Competition'. But he's still got time for the odd word or two .... as reported locally in The Advocate ...

... Artists were settling into a rhythm and putting in the final details. Scottish artist Tom Ewing said he had finally overcome his jet lag.

"I didn't believe in jet lag until I came," he said.

Tom is not only an artist but a speaker at the Global Mural Conference. He spoke on Wednesday about his home town Prestonpans, also known as a mural town. It hosted the Global Mural Conference in 2006.

Last year the town started an Annual Mural Festival but is looking to make it bigger.

"I'm here on a spying mission," Tom said.

[.... and he's got a FanClub already ...]

Whilst Tom lost out on first place in the Fest to Marc Spijkerbosch with a trompe l'oeil work, he included Mt Roland in his mural, and had the benefit of the beautiful mountain as a backdrop to the location where he was painting. And of course Tom had the hat to mark the occasion!

Published Date: March 27th 2008

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