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Slaying A Dragoon at Prestonpans

The Redcoat Dragoons Never Charged at Prestonpans but ..

The Mackenzie Slab at Loch Leven below provides an enduring image of a Highlander getting the better of one 'English' dragoon at Prestonpans.

"The McKenzie slab is an early 19th century stone commemorating the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745. The inscription reads 'The fate of an English dragoon who attacked D[uncan] McKenzie at the battle of Prestonpans where he fought under Prince Charles Stuart'. The Highland army, under command of Prince Charles Stuart, supported the Jacobite cause and fought against the troops of King George II. Prince Charles Stuart's troops won the battle at Prestonpans and he controlled most of Scotland afterwards.

The McKenzie slab is located on Eilean Munde on Loch Leven, Glencoe. The island is named after St Fintan Mundus who is believed to have been an Irish disciple of St Columba and founder of a church on the island in the 7th century."

RCAHMS May 23rd 2007: BBC Big Picture

Published Date: February 19th 2008

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