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Barons Courts Reconvene November 16th 2004

Common Baron Sergeand Announces Trinity Session Hearing for November 16th 2004

The Baron Sergeand will again fence the Courts at 12 noon on November 16th 2004 at the Caput of these Baronies being The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, the Baron Bailie of Prestoungrange presiding, to hear Petitions Complaintes and Other Business to be Considered and Determined before November 27th 2004 including inter alia:

[E II. 53. 2004 P&D. 12] Petition concerning the retention of all qualities and precedence associated with, and all heraldic additaments relating to, the 'dignity of baron' after the Appointed Day

[E II. 53. 2004 P&D. 13] Declarator that Hallowe'en each year shall be held as Remembrance Day for those put to death for Witchcraft prior to 1735 in Prestonpans and Granted Absolute Pardon by these Courts on July 13th 2004

[E II. 53. 2004 P&D. 14] Declarator by the Directors of Fowler's Ales [Prestoungrange] Limited of their future relationship with BrandBrew SA of Luxembourg and Tennent Caledonian.

[E II. 53. 2004 P&D. 15] Confirmation of Appointments as Baron Bailies and Officers of these Courts.

[E II. 53. 2004 P&D. 16] Such Other Complaintes as Shall be Received by the Baron Sergeand at the Caput by 12 noon on November 15th 2004

Published Date: October 20th 2004

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