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Is it Raining on The Cockenzie Power Station Parade?

To Praise or to Slam? ... Now That's the Wow Factor!

Andrew Crummy's latest, and longest at 90' x 10', mural at Cockenzie Power Station was unveiled to considerable local acclaim and at a most enjoyable ceremony on October 5th. The Edinburgh Evening News foretold the occasion nicely. Scotland UnLtd contributed some 50% of the cost and the Prestoungrange Arts Festival the balance.

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Andrew CrummyWindy mural dedication

One aspect seems to have ruffled sufficient feathers in Cockenzie for Scotland's Daily Record art critic Jack Mathieson to report nationally the views of two local residents that including the present Chair of the Community Council, Marlene Love, was 'strange' on our part or ,even worse, 'vain' on her part.

At the Prestoungrange Arts Festival we did clearly brief Jack Mathieson, when he enquired, that Marlene Love's inclusion along with her husband Stan who worked at the power station for some 30 years, was at the suggestion of staff at the power station when muralist Andrew Crummy enquired. Marlene had no part whatever in the matter. Furthermore her inclusion was and still is very much endorsed by ourselves as a fitting tribute to the work of the Community Council with which she is so deeply involved, not to mention her role as wife to Stan Love.

So, Marlene, sorry about the strife, but don't let rain fall on your parade [or Stan's]; and we wont let it fall on our's either!

Article from The Daily Record

The detailed story of the area where the Power Station stands is told in a new Historical Booklet, linked here

Published Date: October 13th 2004

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