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Fowler's Ales - Yesterday and Today

Fowler’s Workers’ Reunion – Much to Remember

The James Fewell Bar was abuzz last evening with nostalgia, black and white photographs and the warmest greetings amongst old colleagues. The Prestoungrange Gothenburg hosted a Fowler’s Brewery Workers’ Reunion to honour John Fowler’s Ales. Unfortunately, being the 42nd anniversary of the sad closure in 1962, only a few of the original workers were able to join us, but it was good for all their families and friends to reminisce and pay tribute to those that had passed away. More than thirty guests arrived in all their splendour for their first wee get together in a very long while, eating, drinking, catching up on old friendships.

And of course there was the significant tour of the new Fowler’s Ales ‘micro’-brewery led by the resident Head Brewer Iain Turnbull. Everyone was offered a half pint of today’s 60/- Prestonpans Real Ale brewed by Fowler’s Ales on the premises and a Fowler’s Ales commemorative glass as a souvenir.

Our invited guests were workers from all areas of former Fowler’s Brewery including coopers, office workers and ladies from the bottling hall. Those who attended included:

Karen Love and Adele Robertson - granddaughters of the late Jimmy Scott; Ian and Catherine Moffat; Jean McEwan Baillie; Jemma Campbell; Greta Copeland Telford; Catherine Ford; Elizabeth and Tommy Godfrey; Alice and Adam Rintoul; George and Frances Glynn; Margaret and George Hood; Agnes McGuire; Margaret and Pat Brogan; Alexa and George Dobie; Mathew and Pauline Smith; Elizabeth and Sonny Glynn; Eleanor Glynn; Jessie Fraser; Janet and Jack McCran; Nellie and Scott Ferguson; Anne Wynn and Donnely; Kathleen Logan; Sarah Coyle; Margaret Black; Marilyn Pollock; Ebeth and Tam Rogers; Mary Logan; Marie Baillie; Beatrice Ferrier; Peter and Marian Logan; and Rita Renton.

For the occasion there was the most wonderful display of old Fowler’s pictures framed and hanging in the James Fewell Bar by the fireplace that has already been crowned “Fowler’s Haven”. All these pictures have now been donated to The Prestoungrange Gothenburg as originals or copies, and we intend to continue expanding the collection. And the myriad new pictures from the reunion will also be displayed.

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Published Date: September 29th 2004

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