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Charting The Pans Story .... multimedia P3P

Carole Melrose & Shona McMillan take on an awesome challenge...

... wish them luck, and most importantly, give them a hand and more please!

There have been several written and aural histories of families in The Pans across the past few decades and in our sister towns of Cockenzie and Port Seton. Prestonpans History Society published Tales of The Pans now in its second edition with the Arts Festival and still selling well. But none have attempted what 'McMel' as they have dubbed themselves plan with their multimedia Past Present & Potential - P3P - Project.

The Lord Novar Fellowship valued at 2000 across 2006/ 2008 awarded by the Arts Festival Charity has enabled them to do some preliminary evaluations already but they are moving into top gear over the coming 12 months as the East Lothian News report below indicates.

click on cutting to enlarge

They will be at The Burriss Bursary Winners' Exhibition at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on July 23rd from 11 am and giving a progress report then; as well as looking out for all the help and memories they can get.

Published Date: June 26th 2007

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