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Morison's Haven Sails Again .. thanks to the children!

Unforgettable .. and a Mad Idea... but we All Loved It!

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Whilst 2006 saw the debut of the illuminated Cockenzie Power Station [and it was again reaching for the sky this year too] that notion of lighting up had clearly been infectious. On June 1st 2007 as the sun set and the Three Harbours Festival Launch Party [opened earlier by Richard Demarco in the Heritage Museum] drew to a close, 300+ Festival Guests and Exhibitors and many a proud local child with them, moved across to Morison's Haven. They were there to see it crowded once more with fine wee boats sailing on a tranquil blue sea.

These were no ordinary boats. Each one had been handcrafted by a modern Panner in school time. They had been advised by local Port Seton fishermen Archie Johnston, Tom Thompson and Tom Donaldson. And with the aid of Edinburgh poet Ron Butlin a small book of inspired poetry had been written, illustrated and published.

Published Date: June 14th 2007

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