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Cows On Parade ... with Junior!

Prestoungrange Cows Return with Calf and New Frocks ...

It's been an eventful year for the two Prestoungrange cows that adorned the Edinburgh Cow Parade in 2006. One was kidnapped during a wild night out at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg and carried off to Corstorphine in a red van. Only after intervention by senior officers of the feudal Duke of Edinburgh was she safely returned.

However, something lively certainly transpired whilst she was away because she came back pregnant. Her young calf is staying close to mother at the moment in the Witches' Remembrance Garden at The Gothenburg.

But come June 2nd the whole family will be out in Cuthill Park at the Murals Fest there, and wearing new frocks all round. Not for them this year's fashion colour of black; something a tad more fitting for the fine Park where they shall be promenading in designer clothes created by school children in The Pans. Tom Ewing is artistic director for the Fest and commented:

"We are delighted to see the herd increasing in this way, and I have responsibility as Head of Wardrobe to ensure that they have new outfits each year that are fitting indeed enhancing of the future aspirations of the Cuthill community for its restored parkland. They are greatly looking forward to enjoying the freshly cut meadow grass in the park! In the years ahead we hope to be able to resume milk supplies in the town from a refurbished Redburn Dairy where Adele Conn's mural already keeps watch. We confidently expect the herd to grow each year to match demand."

Anne Taylor, CEO at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, takes it all in her stride: "Nothing the Prestoungrange Arts Festival gets up to in The Pans can surprise me anymore. Where else do artists fill a long gone harbour with paper boats and light them and the power station chimneys up in mid-summer and invite you to stay up till 4 am to enjoy it all? They're all mad, [or is it creative?] but know we need to love them."

The East Lothian News picked up the story - click on cutting to enlarge

Published Date: May 19th 2007

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