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Sponsorship for Murals from National Lottery

For the past year Andrew Crummy has taken the lead in seeking to interest grant making bodies in providing support for the Arts Festival and in particular the Murals painting programme. It is a delight to report that three separate grants have now been won through Andrew's submissions either personally or on behalf of the Baron Courts' Scottish Charity.

The awards are as follows:

1. 'Awards for All' - 3576

This is a consortium of the Community Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, New Opportunities Fund SportScotland and the Scottish Arts Council. It has enabled Youth Groups in Prestonpans and from Bromley by Bow to undertake Mural # 8 which was well advanced when the Lord Mayor of Gothenburg visited the beach on July 23rd. This is the second Youth Mural following the Pottery work last year by Preston Lodge scholars.

2. You and Your Community Award, Millennium Commission Award: Scottish Community Foundation - 1800

This award has facilitated Painting and Drawing Classes at Cockenzie in the Lindsay Suite and it is proposed that the artists attending those classes should submit a new Mural scheme shortly. It has attracted interest of a range of local artist both experienced and novices. The first exhibition of the groups is planned in December.

3. Scotland UnLtd - 2000

This award made personally to Andrew Crummy has provided a portion of the costs involved in creating Mural # 9 at the Cockenzie Power Station and the Baron Courts will itself top up the grant to meet the full expense.

These early successes in raising 7376 are of course a great vote of confidence in the work we have set in hand at our own considerable expense, and a tribute to the very hard work that Andrew and other colleagues have put in over the past 18 months in making grant applications and following them through. From 2004 onwards the drive for external funding on a more substantial scale will commence.

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Published Date: August 27th 2003

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