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Bishop 1 - Goliath 0

The Bishop Mural Society received a cheque for US$500 this week from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power [LADWP]

Read the story thus far ... HERE

It's certain that most if not all Global Association members are aware that the LADWP sent a letter of protest to the Bishop Mural Society regarding John Pugh's mural Drain, which depicts the historical fact that LADWP garnered the water rights and took much of the water from Owens Valley in the 1920's. As a result of this action the Owens Valley has far less water than the area would naturally have. The mural Drain depicted an agriculturally strong valley that was now rather barren and dry because of the action by LADWP.

[The context at Bishop of story and the images of John Pugh's trompe l'oeil can be seen at the full Symposium Report HERE]

In that letter of protest LADWP indicated that they were cancelling a US$500 donation that they had pledged to the Bishop Mural Society for the California Mural Symposium that Bishop was hosting in October.

After several editorials from newspapers around the world including one from the New York Times, LADWP apparently decided that their initial position was not appropriate and adjusted their position and sent the

Here's to BISHOP the "Little Town that Did"!

Bill Drennen
CalPAMS Ambassador

Published Date: November 10th 2005

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