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Add Mural(s) to existing township

To submit a mural or murals for an existing township to the Global Murals section, please fill in the following details and click Submit at the bottom of the form. If you need to create a new township for your murals, then you should use the Add a Township form instead - this will allow you to set up a new township entry and add mural images.

If you choose to provide photos, you will be prompted for image files when you click the Submit button. Please ensure your images are in JPEG (.jpg) format and are each supplied as both a thumbnail (maximum of 150 x 150 pixels) and full size image (maximum of 600 x 600 pixels). If you don't supply any images at this time, we will be in contact to make further arrangements.

If you don't want to deal with an online form, or would prefer to submit photos by post, a printable version of this form is available as a PDF. To view the form, click here.

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Township: (this is the township you wish to add murals to)

When you click Submit below, you will be presented with a form to add your mural images.