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PL Chemists take charge of the brew! New team at The Fowlers' Microbrewery at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg

Microbrewery in good hands again .. and here's hoping there'll be a Wee Heavie before long!

As the press cutting from the Courier tells, two chemistry teachers from PL High are taking on the leadership role in the Fowlers' Microbrewery at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. They join Michelle and Calum Wilson's team - they're of course the publicans since before Christmas.

BewSets for chemistry students and adult groups alike will share the mysteries and the adults the results! Any and all wanting to share in a brew as it ferments, have a word with any and all at the bar.

P.S. and we're hoping for Prestonpans Salt again from the team ... made and boxed from PL and The Gothenburg in 2009!

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Published Date: January 21st 2019

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