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Camerons, Stewarts, Stuarts, Appins ... UNITE ... August 16th 5/7pm

Unite indeed. The Prince Needs You hear why at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg: August 16th 5/7 pm

It's the echo of The Prince's [Bonnie Prince Charlie's] Call to Arms in 1745 for the Battle of Prestonpans. On that occasion the Camerons and the Stewarts/ Stuarts of Appin Came Out for The Prince and there was a great Victory.

This year there's a great commemoration and re-enactment on September 15th/ 16th at Greenhills in Prestonpans. But before that the opportunity for all whose names, or their mother's perhaps, are Cameron, Stewart, Stuart, or Appin or who stay on streets which have those names in The Pans i.e. Cameron Way & Appin Drive, . to get a full 'free' briefing on their Clan history and their contribution in 1745 ALL are invited to the Prestoungrange Gothenburg 5/7 pm on August 16th ... please come, especially the Youngsters, whose heritage it is for the future.

AUGUST 16th 5/7pm - the BIG Briefing is at 7pm precisely; before that enjoy the fellowship together ...
The 2018 Prestonpans Re-enactments are to be held on September 15th/ 16th this year at Greenhills of which full details are available @ DIRECTLY HERE

Published Date: August 10th 2018

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