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Maybe The Windmill Theatre Never Closed, but We Did!

Well we had to, didn't we? How else could we all celebrate and have a great party?

So, it was official; not a single customer complaint. The Prestoungrange Gothenburg was indeed CLOSED on Monday 30 January as staff donned their glad rags and were treated to a very well-deserved day out. Late last year The Prestoungrange Gothenburg won the county award at Best New Business in East Lothian. It came with a cheque of £500 which the directors’ doubled to £1000 to make sure it was an ever grander celebration. Which it was! And the trophy came with us.

We spent the majority of our afternoon being waited on at Guilliano’s Italian Restaurant in Edinburgh. Busmen's holiday it was. Two large tables lay in wait as we arrived. The silence of Guilliano’s was broken with 30 of us laughing, drinking, eating, talking and just enjoying ourselves.

Hours passed as we indulged in a fabulous meal with just about everyone treating themselves to the delicious range of utterly sinful desserts. Then the chairs began groaning at the filled bellies and imploring us to move on. So we did. We all retreated to an Australian bar known as Walkabouts for after dinner drinks and cocktails.

'Twas a wonderful afternoon and evening that was enjoyed by each and every member of staff and we would like to say thanks to all those that made it possible - mainly that was oneanother from our workplace of course, but also thanks to those who funded the day.

P.S. The birthday 'girl' was Lynn Drummond, our management accountant. As a bean counter she was the first to spot there were insufficient candles.....

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Published Date: January 30th 2006

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