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Treaty of Fontainbleau Reaffirmed in Bayeux: September 14th 2013

Enfin, finally, French support for Bonnie Prince Charlie was formally confirmed at Fontainbleau by King Louis on October 24th 1745 ...

... and the Prince marched from Edinburgh into England and on to Derby. That Treaty was the final written accord of The Auld Alliance. And it seemed to us apposite to invite M. Le Maire and the citizens of Bayeux to reaffirm that valued support as our Tapestry went on display there. They gladly did that by signing copies of Panel 102 stitched by Panner Faith-Ann Mulgrew.

A selection of the signatures appears below:

... and finally comments and signatures from the Maire de Bayeux, M. Patrick Gomont, Maire-Adjoint de Bayeux, M. Loic Jamin, Conservateur en Chef, M Antoine Verney and Mme Sylvette Lemagnen, Conservateur de the Tapisserie de Bayeux.

click to enlarge the comments

Published Date: November 19th 2013

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