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Health and Safety Concerns Led to Auld Fowler's Demolition - says Lidl

Well now, isn't that a surprise!

Lidl's PR Department has now issued a statement on its 'Customer' Enquiry Page telling of its deep concern for Panners which led it to demolish the Auld Fowler's HQ.

At last, our reason to be grateful to Lidl. There was alarming mining subsidence occuring whilst they were doing 'remedial' work. Remedial? And in a statement to the press published on May 1st it appears there were squatters and evidence of drug use on the premises. Really?

One wonders how their Risk Assessment looked. Maybe the Public Services Ombudsman will ask for a copy as his inquiry proceeds.

click to enlarge Lidl's PR response below

If you have your own query for Lidl, please ask Marco Ivone @

Published Date: May 1st 2009

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