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Fowler's Signs Licence and Royalties are Gifted to Arts Festival

BrewBrand SA Asserts it Rights to Fowler's Name

BrewBrand SA, which is an associated company with Tennent Caledonian worldwide, has asserted its continuing right [directly flowing from the 1962 sale of John Fowler] to the name Fowler's. Whilst such a move had not been anticipated when real ale brewing began again in the Pans earlier this year, in asserting their rights they have shown the greatest respect for the charitable purposes of the Fowler's initiatives at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

They have agreed that the 5 pound/ bulk barrel royalty that will be payable for use of their name shall be made over in total to the Prestoungrange Arts Festival.

The directors formally signed the Licence Agreement on November 16th 2004, and the Barons Courts issued their further Declarator that day. By end February 2005 all the labelling and promotional artefacts of Fowler's Ales [Prestoungrange] Limited will carry the message that the name is used under this licence.

For the future, Arts Festival sponsorship arrangements are anticipated with Tennent Caledonian and their lager is already in stock at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

The directors of Fowler's Ales [Prestoungrange] Limited will of course also continue to brew under other trade marks and brands in the coming years, outwith the Fowler's licence.They have already created Barons, Gothenburg and Prestonpans Ales - as well as all manner of client and event specials.

But that name Fowler's will continue to be remembered with special affection for Panners - not least the families and former staff who lately attended the reunion at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg in October. And the Fowler's School of Brewing will stride forward with its BrewSets leading to 'Fowler's' Fellowships and Companionships.

Published Date: November 16th 2004

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