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Tom Ewing Selected to Paint at Tasmania's Mural Fest: March 2008

Next Global Conference To Host International Murals Fest

The Murals Fest programme is catching on fast around the globe. Originally conceived in Tasmania some 5 years ago, it has been emulated in Kati Kati New Zealand, Manteca California and Prestonpans. Each year 8 - 10 artists 'compete' by creating works of art over a week in situ with arts judges and visitors both chosing their winner. All work to a common theme but interpret as they see fit. [Watch out for details of the second Fest in Cuthill Park in June 2008 during the Three Harbours Festival]

Tom Ewing has been selected by the Tasmanians to represent Scotland there in March as part of the Global Murals Conference in 2008. It is the successor biennial conference to that held in Prestonpans in 2006. Tom is just now completing his massive signature mural Summerlee - where his Pa and Ma lived - on the High Street [seen in progress below]. Lately he painted the second mural, Hands, at the Prestongrange Bowling Club [also seen below - Hands of course depicting bowling but also fishing, potting, panning and mining coal.

click on all images to enlarge

Tom Ewing will be accompanied to Tasmania by Andrew Laurie, The Goth's Chef, who took the Willie Park Trophy as best golfer at the 2006 Prestonpans Global Conference - he's there to defend his title.

Chef Andrew Laurie Takes the Willie Park Cup at Global Murals Conference 2006

Published Date: December 15th 2007

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