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BEWARE Falling Plates / Pots ..... The Belfield Ceremony

Only One Plate Reached The Beach .... quite unlike the 'good' old days!

The Belfield Boles were we hoped authentic, but the original destination of the 100+ plates that John Burns Snr kindly provided for throwing was well short of that. And when the hi jinx were over Anne Taylor and Gillian Hart changed roles with their brushes to sweep the car park clean.

It was an 'enjoyable' moment for those who participated i.e. the volunteers who created the Battle Visitor Centre at Meadowmill and staffed the Prestonpans Pottery Exhibition at St Andrew's Church on Ayres Wynd. And passing lads also joined in with their own youthful exuberance.

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Arts Festival Directorate

Published Date: September 28th 2007

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