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HRH Prince Charles Edward Commands ... September 21st/ 22nd

Just 10 days to go till one dines at Holyroodhouse Palace with The 'Bonnie' Prince

The invitations are out and the final programme is now published. Just click below to enlarge and print out.

[On the reverse of the Invitation is a clear statement by the Trust that the celebration is in no way connected with any member of today's Royal Family.]

N.B. The search is still on for Hanoverian/ redcoat soldiers to join Colonel Gardiner in his last skirmish and to defend Cope's Baggage Train at Cockenzie House [the Trust has the uniforms to don]; and any pipers who can rally to the Highlanders' cause are still more than welcome to register especially for the 12.45pm march on September 22nd with redcoat prisoners from Cockenzie House to Prestonpans. Please be in touch at 01875 819922 asking for Gillian Hart/ Kristine Cunningham/ Sylvia Burgess or by email to

Published Date: September 11th 2007

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