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Pottery Exhibition Set To Open: September 3rd - 29th

Curator & Organiser Announce Pottery Exhibition Dates at St Andrew's Episcopal Church Hall

Graeme Cruickshank, Curator, and Gillian Hart, Exhibition Organiser, are delighted to confirm that all details have now come together and they can formally announce the dates set down below. They are still on the look out however for 'volunteers' to staff the exhibition over the month.

click on press cutting to enlarge

The Exhibition, accompanied by a 288 pp full colour definitive study entitled Prestonpans Pottery newly written by Graeme Cruickshank with Linda Sneddon as Principal Photographer + a Guide to more than 100 specific Exhibits at St Andrew's, will be the most substantial exhibition ever presented. Frankly it's not to be missed.

It is open for 4 hours every day excluding Sundays, and group visits which are very much welcomed can be arranged on Thursday evenings and will be personally hosted by Graeme Cruickshank.

Fullest details are here below so please click to enlarge and print out as required

Published Date: August 15th 2007

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